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Security Press anonymous FTP instructions

Browser instructions

  1. Go to http://ftp.securitypress.com
  2. Enter user: upload and password: security
  3. Choose "Browser Uploader" and browse to file(s) you wish to upload
  4. Your email address will be required, and you will have space for any comments (not required)
  5. Select "Start Uploading", when the progress bar disappears your upload is complete

If you prefer to use an FTP client:

  1. Host: ftp.securitypress.com
  2. Login: upload
  3. Password: security

Note: due to security and privacy you will not see your files and the browser will show "0 items". If you will be a regular user of our FTP site please request a permanent user name by emailing ftp@securitypress.com we will have you setup within 24 hours.

Form Download

Send the completed form to: Erika@securitypress.com or (206) 728-2826 fax.

Subject line of the email: "Security Press - Forms"



      Client Access / File Upload